About Exhibit M

Exhibit M is a one-woman independent business located in Belgium; founded in 2020 by Maxine 'Max' Penders. 

With a nod to the past, Exhibit M wants to enhance your modern day life and inspire the inquisitive mind inside all of us; like the 'Wunderkammer' of old. Wether your preferred style leans more towards the classic or the modern, the scientific or fantastic, Exhibit M's products are bound to be interesting subjects of conversation. 

Exhibit M strives for high-quality products; with an eye for detail and love for the curious and bizarre. 

About Max

With a great personal interest in history, zoology, anatomy and the bizarre, my love for these subjects only grew when my private cabinet of curiosities did as well, eventually resulting in the foundations which became Exhibit M. 

I obtained a masters degree in Graphic Arts; specializing in Game and Digital Design; from the PHL school in Hasselt. Afterwards I continued for two more years at the University of Antwerp where I studied Cultural Management.