A House of Pomegranates - Antique Page

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This illustration by Walter Crane accompanied one of many short stories written by Oscar Wilde. In this case, 'A House of Pomegranates'. This illustration was first used in "The Happy Prince and Other Stories", published in 1888. However, this particular page is most likely from a reprint of this book dating somewhere between 1900 and 1920.

- Language: English
- Date: Very early 1900s (Possibly 1900-1920)
- Recto-Verso
- 11cm x 18cm (4,3 inch x 7 inch)

Not only are these antique pages a great addition to any collector's cabinet of curiosities; nor are they simply a stunning conversation piece with real historic value; they could also be used as authentic assets to add to the immersion of your roleplay tabletop games.

Disclaimer: All antique pages come from non-salvageable books or have already been acquired in the form of separate pages. If a book can be saved in any way, shape or form, Exhibit M will always choose to do so; with respect for its historic value.