Exotic Animals - Antique Postcards (Set of 4)

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A set of four postcards depicting various exotic zoo animals.

The original photographs were taken in 1899 at the 'Zoologischer Garten Berlin' and it is assumed that the postcards came out in that same year or the year after. The animals depicted are the indian rhino, the african civet, the caracal and the african porcupine. Their common names are listed at the front of the cards in French.
Three out of four (with the exception of the porcupine card) have an old advertisement stamped on the back. This would have been a later addition; also dated somewhere in the early 1900s. The advertisement; in Dutch and French; is for a Belgian company located in Antwerp, selling and buying schoolbooks.

- Language: Dutch & French
- Date: Original photographs taken in 1899 in Berlin. Postcards themselves likely from that same year or very early 1900s.
- Recto-Verso (3 out of 4 have an old advertisement stamped on the back)
- 14cm x 8,5cm (5,5 inch x 3,3 inch)

Not only are these antique postcards a great addition to any collector's cabinet of curiosities; nor are they simply a stunning conversation piece with real historic value; they could also be used as authentic assets to add to the immersion of your roleplay tabletop games.

Disclaimer: All antique pages come from non-salvageable books or have already been acquired in the form of separate pages. If a book can be saved in any way, shape or form, Exhibit M will always choose to do so; with respect for its historic value.