The Knight's Tomb - Antique Page

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This page comes from a Swedish book named 'Jul pa Hellesta' (Eng.: 'Christmas in Hellesta'), written by Margit Söderholm in 1956.
This particular page comes from a Dutch translation of the book and is illustrated by the famous Dutch painter and graphic artist Anton Pieck.

- Language: Dutch
- Date: 1956
- Recto-Verso
- 15cm x 23cm (5,9 x 9 inch)

Not only are these antique pages a great addition to any collector's cabinet of curiosities; nor are they simply a stunning conversation piece with real historic value; they could also be used as authentic assets to add to the immersion of your roleplay tabletop games.

Disclaimer: All antique pages come from non-salvageable books or have already been acquired in the form of separate pages. If a book can be saved in any way, shape or form, Exhibit M will always choose to do so; with respect for its historic value.