Roadstead of Den Briel - Antique Page

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This page comes from a book 'De Lotgevallen van een Jongen Zeeheld'; aka 'Les Aventures de Martin Tromp', aka 'The Adventures of Martin Tromp'. A story originally written in 1880; this version is the dutch 1927 translation.
It was written by Raoul de Navery; which was the pseudonym of Madame Chervet, born Marie-Eugenie Saffray, a French Roman Catholic novelist.
This page comes from a Dutch translation of the book and is illustrated by Reinhart Dozy; a Dutch scholar of French (Huguenot) origin.

Underneath the illustration it reads 'Reede van Den Briel'; meaning 'Roadstead of Den Briel'. Brielle, also called Den Briel (Brill in English) is a town, municipality and historic seaport in the western Netherlands.

- Language: Dutch
- Date: 1927
- Recto-Verso

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