Vegetable Lamb - A5 Linocut Art Print

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Medieval texts describe two varieties of the Vegetable Lamb; sometimes called a Tree-Lamb: the first produced little naked, newborn lambs inside its pods, and the other had a life-sized lamb, with bones, blood and flesh, attached to a short plant stem. This flexible stem allows the tethered lamb to graze on the vegetation around it. Once all the vegetation was eaten, or if the stem broke or was severed by arrows or darts, the lamb would die.

Like wolves, hunters loved the Vegetable Lamb for its delicate flesh that tasted like fish and blood as sweet as honey.

- Size: A5 (148 x 210mm)
- 'Live edge' hand-scooped cotton paper
- Heavy 320 gr.
- 100% handprinted with water based ink
- Designed by Maxine Penders

Each card is individually made by using the traditional linoleum pressing methods. This gives every single print its own unique look. Minor differences in each handmade print should therefor not be seen as flaws. We are all different too, after all. The ink used gives extra texture to the cards.